During this 4-month project, CanWest completed all the concrete cutting and removal required to add a seventh lane and a new counterflow, moveable barrier system to the Alex Fraser Bridge.

The project included:

  • Cutting and removing the centre barrier using a custom wire saw mount fabricated to fit a skid steer.
  • Night work during winter months, and coordinated efforts with the general contractor and Delta Police Department concerning traffic control and lane closures.
  • 5 kilometers of 2 inch wide slabsawing from end to end of the bridge, 2.4 kilometers of wire sawing, and 2.4 kilometers of barrier removal by crane.
  • A slabsaw cut notch required on either side of barrier to supply the belowgrade elevation. Slabsaw vertical cuts were needed through a 20 inch thick barrier, cut into 16 foot lengths.
  • Setting up a straddle mounted wire saw on top of the barrier. The barrier was cut horizontally to required below-grade depth. The project had very tight tolerances.
  • Removing the barrier with a crane truck, and disposal of concrete.
  • Roughening the cut area to prepare the surface for new topping.


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