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Concrete Coring in Vancouver, BC

Concrete Coring

CanWest specializes in quality concrete cutting and coring in Vancouver and across British Columbia.

Our skilled concrete coring technicians are experts in the field, equipped with an extensive inventory of core drilling equipment capable of coring holes ranging from ¼” to 52” in diameter, at any depth and angle. Supported by experienced project managers, our team can meet any project requirement.
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Our Concrete Coring Services

Concrete Coring Applications

Our Coring applications include:
• Plumbing and drainage
• Ventilation ducts
• Sewer tie-ins
• Manholes
• Mechanical openings
• Electrical penetrations
• Confined spaces
• Work at heights

Concrete Coring Equipment

Our technicians use state-of the-art electrical and hydraulic equipment for any site power requirements.

Special Project Core Drilling

For large hole core drilling or extra thick concrete, our wire saw core drill customizes coring to fit your specifications with efficiency and accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CanWest Concrete Coring

Understanding the Concrete Coring Process: How It's Done

Concrete coring is a technique which involves cutting and removing a concrete cylinder from walls, floors, or ceilings. Applications may include drainage or mechanical openings, utility holes, or the structural testing of a property.

Using coring techniques, technicians can create holes from ¼” to 52 inches in diameter in a variety materials like concrete, steel, granite, or other construction materials.

Where and how is concrete coring applied in construction?

Concrete coring is a versatile technique used for creating openings (doors, windows), installing utilities (plumbing, electrical), obtaining concrete samples for testing, and enhancing structural modifications. Its precision reduces the need for extensive demolition, streamlining project timelines.

How deep can concrete coring go?

The depth of concrete coring can vary based on the equipment used. Generally, it can range from a few inches to several feet, depending on the project requirements.

What diameters can be achieved through concrete coring?

Concrete coring can achieve a wide range of diameters, typically from ¼ inch to 52 inches. The specific diameter depends on the type of coring equipment selected for the job.

Can concrete coring be done at any angle?

Yes, concrete coring can be performed at various angles to suit project requirements. Skilled technicians use specialized equipment to drill holes at precise angles, ensuring accuracy in the final result.

How do I know if my project requires concrete coring?

If your project involves creating openings in concrete structures, installing utilities, or obtaining samples for testing, concrete coring may be necessary. Consulting with experienced contractors can help determine the specific needs of your project.

Should I scan before I core?

Conducting a concrete scan before coring is crucial for safety and precision. Scanning helps identify potential obstructions such as rebar or utilities, ensuring that the coring process is accurate and doesn't damage existing structures. It's a proactive measure that minimizes risks, enhances efficiency, and contributes to the overall success of the coring project.

Are there safety considerations during concrete coring?

Yes, safety is paramount during concrete coring. Contractors adhere to safety protocols, including wearing protective gear, ensuring proper ventilation, and taking precautions to prevent silica dust exposure. It's essential to hire trained professionals for these tasks.

What other services are typically offered alongside concrete coring?

Additional services often include concrete slab sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing, scanning for utilities, and grinding and polishing. CanWest offers all these services, delivering seamless and comprehensive solutions for your construction project.

What industries can benefit from concrete coring?

Industrial and construction-based industries will often benefit the most from concrete coring services in Vancouver.

Coring concrete allows technicians to make space for industrial professionals to install various pipes, cables, and conduits — ranging from HVAC systems to routing cables and bollard installations. Using professional drilling equipment, technicians can protect existing pipes and wires, allowing plumbers and electricians to effortlessly carry out their jobs.

What sets CanWest apart from other concrete coring companies in Vancouver?

CanWest is proud to be a leader in concrete coring solutions for both residential and commercial businesses across Vancouver.

Since 1992, we’ve taken on a range of ambitious projects using the latest coring technology and techniques. Our team of technicians and project managers are experts in their field, carrying out projects for infrastructure, aerospace, large construction companies and government clients.

Our commitment to leadership and problem-solving has allowed us to recruit the highest caliber of workers and take on the most ambitious projects with proven results.

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What other concrete services does CanWest offer?

At CanWest, we’re more than your trusted concrete coring company. We offer a wide selection of concrete-based services for residential and commercial clients across Vancouver, including:

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