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Whether you have a commercial or residential space in Vancouver, concrete polishing creates durable, economical, and easy-to-clean floors. Canwest Concrete Cutting and Coring experts can bring your concrete floors to life with commercial grade polishing!

Benefits of Concrete Polished Floors in Vancouver

  • The high reflectivity of polished concrete is one of the main benefits, most notably for residential homes or garages that want to project a clean, bright image. In addition, this benefit gives homeowners another choice besides granite or marble floors, who desire a similar mirror-like and beautiful shine.
  • Concrete polished floors are fantastic for Vancouver commercial spaces, requiring practical, clean and durable finishes.

How Do Concrete Polished Floors in Vancouver Compare?

Many people are familiar with tile, wood, linoleum and stone when it comes to common residential or commercial flooring materials. Regardless, the priority in choosing a flooring material should focus on the safety and health of your family.

Concrete polished floors in Vancouver commercial and residential areas naturally resist microbes such as dust mites and dander. In addition, sealing the concrete surface helps prevent moisture from creating mould and decay of the materials.

A home or garage application usually adds a unique aesthetic design because every residential form of polished concrete has a different appearance. It is durable, a great value, the best option for your home and has a top-notch foundation for turning the garage into a “man-cave.”

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Don’t forget we can also perform concrete slab sawing, wire sawing and concrete wall sawing in Vancouver.
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